April 18, Saturday, 9-10 AM: New 8 week sessions will introduce the first section of the Yang style form.
Beginning classes will focus on learning the T'ai Chi form. The form consists of a series of movements that are linked together, each move flowing into the next. There will be ample repetition and corrections as each new move is added to the form sequence. Through this process of form study, the student learns how to move in a way that is nimble and adaptive, yet relaxed and rooted. Eventually this way of moving is integrated into daily life as one begins the process of rejuvenation, or as Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher asks, "Can you become as pliable and resilient as a child?"


Intermediate classes will continue perfecting the T'ai Chi form in conjunction with learning silk-reeling (Ch'an Szu Ching) and sensing hands (T'ui Shou) exercises.
Silk-reeling is an exercise that helps students to develop and cultivate an understanding of their internal energy. The movements are like a silk thread being smoothly drawn from a cocoon.
Sensing hands is the art of listening to an opponent's energy and learning to interpret and respond effectively. This is accomplished not through force against force but by following the T'ai Chi principles of softness overcoming hardness and using "four ounces to deflect a thousand pounds."


Advanced classes include sword form, two-person applications form (San Shou), Chi Kung, and meditation. The sword form enables students to continue to develop and extend their internal energy. It is often performed at festivals because of its beautiful flow and dramatic movements.
The two-person form is a choreographed series of give and take movements between two people that teaches T'ai Chi applications as well as how to move in harmony with others. This helps to develop the nimbleness, dexterity, lightness and adaptability that is so characteristic of T'ai Chi. Chi Kung and meditation help deepen and refine the student's internal work.

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Classes meet @
Friends Meeting House
4836 Ellsworth Avenue
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Saturday Morning:


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